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True Transformation: Seven steps to overcome fear & procrastination to follow your God-given purpose.

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2 Timothy 1:7 Says

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

But that's not how I lived my life.

I used to be consumed with fear. I used to have this constant feeling of fear and dread hanging over me. I was anxious, depressed, and I procrastinated like no other. 

Living like this affected me in so many ways. It affected the way I viewed myself, the way I viewed others, and the way I viewed God.

And because of that, it affected what I did or rather what I wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t use my talents for God because doing anything that was outside of my comfort zone was too scary for me to even consider, let alone do.

So I didn’t.

What I didn’t understand is not following God’s will for my life made me even more depressed and anxious. So it’s like a vicious cycle.

You’re too scared, anxious, and depressed to follow God’s will and because you don’t and you’re not living your true purpose you’re anxious and depressed.

It’s crazy, right?

Perhaps, you are living in this vicious cycle right now.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you have some burdens on your heart and mind, things that God wants you to do but you keep procrastinating because you’re in that same toxic cycle that I was in.

You know God wants you to use your talents to serve Him. You know He is calling you to do something that makes you uncomfortable or maybe downright scares you to death.

I totally get how you feel. I’ve been there and to be quite honest, God still calls me to do things that are scary and outside of my comfort zone.

I still get scared and anxious about what He wants me to do. But I am no longer that scared, anxious, and depressed woman that I used to be.

God has changed me.

Want proof?

You’re reading it.

Who Am I?

My name is Angela Johnson, owner of the blogs Healthy As You Can and Christian Blogging Academy, author, and certified life coach. 3 years, ago the Lord wanted me to step outside of my comfort zone and be a blogger and writer.

And without His help, I never would have started 2 blogs and written a book let alone published and marketed it for the world to see.

I'm the kind of girl who never wants the spotlight. I never wanted to talk about myself. I just wanted to fade in the background, never drawing any attention to myself. The thought of putting myself out there online or (gasp) in real life in any real or vulnerable sort of way was way too scary for me to think about. 

Clearly, some things have changed.

Now, don’t get me wrong though.

This book is not really about me.

That hasn’t changed. I still not just overjoyed talking about myself.

Luckily that's not what this book is about. 

This book is about you, stepping outside of your comfort zone.

It’s about you taking that first step out of that vicious cycle.

It’s about you following God’s calling on your life, even if it scares you.

It’s about you looking back 3 years from now and saying “Wow, look at how far God has brought me!”.

It’s about finding out what path He wants you to walk.

- Maybe He wants you to be a writer (which is so awesome I assure you).

- Maybe He wants you to start a blog (you won’t regret it, promise).

- Maybe He wants you to start a business (also awesome).

- Maybe He wants you to quit your job and do something completely different than you’re doing now.

- Maybe He wants you to start a ministry or a church or a charity.

- Maybe He wants you to move across the country or to another country.

I don’t know what He’s calling you to do but in this book, we’re going to explore that and more.

In True Transformation, we will discuss:

- 7 actionable steps to overcome anxiety and procrastination. No disjointed lists of unrelated tips will be found here. Those lists overwhelm you and cause you to procrastinate more not less.

- How constant anxiety and fear can damage your health.

- Why you shouldn’t read any other books about procrastination except this one (I promise I have an unselfish reason for this).

- The deeper reasons why we procrastinate (it’s not just because “life” gets in the way).

- Ways to slay the dragons that paralyze us and block us from sharing our God-given talents with the world.

- And what to do after we’ve slain those dragons (i.e. our fears) so we can accomplish those goals God has for us.

You can move towards a life free of fear, anxiety, and procrastination.

You just need that push in the right direction to make it happen.

True Transformation will motivate and encourage you to step out in faith to pursue God’s dream for your life.

The Lord is waiting for you to start. Before you know it, you could be making a powerful impact on people for God’s glory. 

What an awesome privilege! 

About The Book:

- Download the first 8 pages free!

- A quick 37 page read packed with helpful advice that works (I'm living proof).

You can go through the steps in a day and be ready to get started on your project or you may need more time to work through each step, in depth.

In other words, the steps in this book could take you days or years to follow. It's all up to you. 

- Clear step by step instructions on how to overcome anxiety and procrastination. 

- Action plans at the end of each chapter.

-  Part e-book, part workbook: Because I don’t want you to just read the book, I also made the ebook interactive.

There are sections for you to type your answers to questions I ask you (like why do you procrastinate?), write down your goals, and make plans.

-  Bonus: For my bloggers or future bloggers, I’ve also included a link to my Christian Blogging Business Success Road Map on the first page of the book. This checklist will help you get started on your blog and keep you moving in the write, I mean, the right direction. 

If you're ready for a True Transformation, go ahead and get this book to get started today. Don't wait any longer to see what God has in store for your life. 

I can't wait to see what's next!

You will get a PDF (1MB) file