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Write Now! 7 Proven Steps To Crush Your Anxiety & Conquer Procrastination So You Can Follow Your Blogging Dreams

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How would you feel if you finally started that blog you have been talking to the Lord about for so long?

How would you feel if you stopped saying “Tomorrow” and started saying "Today"?

You’ve been dreaming of it, haven’t you? You read about the freedom full-time bloggers have and dream about that life being your own.

They have the freedom to:

- Spend more time with their family

- Travel the world

- Go to conferences and meet other bloggers

- Speak at conferences

- and make money doing something they love.

Except, because of our love for Christ, our dreams look a little more like this:

- Influence others for the Kingdom

- Donate more money to people in need

- Spend more time with your family and friends

- Spend more time doing mission work

- Have more time and money to travel

- Financial freedom (no more being a slave to the lender)

You dream (and daydream) about blogging but something always stops you. Sometimes we just claim “life” got in the way but there’s something else going on here…


Fear (although we politely refer to it as procrastination) is the reason why we think things like:

- What if I fail at blogging? (Don’t worry, you will and its okay)

- What if people don’t like me (Some people will and some people won’t…no one claimed this would be easy)

- Blogging is too expensive (Yes, it is an investment but if God called you to do it, He will provide)

- I don’t know where to start. (YouTube is a good place)

- What if I don't make money? (Not all bloggers will be called to make money from it but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. God has a plan for your blog, regardless).

- It’s too time-consuming. (I said this a lot and yet I still had time to watch TV)

- I have more important things to do like work @ my “real” job (trust me blogging is a  real job)

- I don’t want to make a fool of myself. (no risk, no reward)

I’ve said all of these same things. I gave God every excuse in the book not to follow His commands. But now I’m on the other side of the fear and I can’t for the life of me understand why I was so frightened.

Procrastination is just a fear wrapped excuse. We were not given a spirit of fear but I accepted my fearful spirit for years as if it was normal.

It’s not.

That's why I wrote Write Now! because I want to give you hope that you don't have to procrastinate and live in fear of pursuing your dreams. 

Write Now! reveals to you:

- Actionable steps to kick procrastination to the curb. No disjointed lists of unrelated tips will be found here. Those lists overwhelm you and cause you to procrastinate more not less.

- How constant anxiety and fear can damage your health.

- Why you shouldn’t read any other books about procrastination except this one (I promise I have an unselfish reason for this).

- The deeper reasons why we procrastinate (it’s not just because “life” gets in the way).

- Ways to slay the dragons that paralyze us and block us from sharing our God-given talents with the world.

- And what to do after we’ve slayed those dragons (i.e. our fears) so we can accomplish our goals.

Stop dreaming about your blog and start creating it.

You just need that push in the right direction to make it happen.

Write Now! will motivate and encourage you to step out in faith pursue your dream.

The Lord and your future readers are waiting for you to start. Before you know it, you could be creating powerful content that impacts people and glorifies God. 

What an awesome privilege and opportunity! 

About The Book:

- A quick 95 page read. You get to decide how quickly you get started on your blog. You can go through the steps in a day and get started tomorrow or you may need more time to work through each step, in depth. It's all up to you. 

- Clear step by step instructions on how to overcome anxiety and procrastination. 

- Action plans at the end of each chapter.

- Free bonus Christian Blogging Success Road Map. This checklist will help you get started on your blog and keep you moving in the write, I mean, right direction. 

You will get a PDF (1MB) file