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Digital Blog Content Planner Customizable Template

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Ready to TRANSFORM how you brainstorm, organize, & plan content for your blog or business? Tired of a disorganized scatterbrained blog content plan or no plan at all? This digital blog content planner will make that a thing of the past! Keep reading to learn more!


- Say goodbye to having your blog content ideas scattered across multiple apps, journals, notebooks, and sticky notes.

- Do you look back at old blog posts and wonder why you wrote them and how they relate to your overall business plan (I’m totally guilty!)?

- And do you wish you had ONE place where you could organize & plan your blog posts, social media content, email marketing newsletters, content, and monetization ideas?

All of these problems are solved with this Blog Content Planner Trello Template.

With this planner ALL of your content (blog posts, social media content, newsletters, & more) will be:

Consistent with your overall business and income plan
Easily accessible on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, & phone...and Trello is available on ios and Android)

Let me tell you what’s inside.

This Customizable Trello Blog & Business Content Planner Template has the following:

- Tutorials on how to use Trello. So if you’re new to this app, don’t worry. I’ve got you!

- Blog content calendar: use it to see all of your scheduled blog posts and social media posts in one place!

- A time and productivity tracker- using this tracker, you can record how long you worked and what you produced in your business, whether it be a blog post, email newsletter, or new product.

What you produce is what gets you the results you want, not just the time you’ve spent working. And
there’s a space for you to track your progress for every day of the year!

- A space to write your blog goals

- Blog To-Do List

- Blog post checklists customized for pillar posts, affiliate posts, product posts, and a general post checklist that you can customize to your own blog’s needs

- Blog post strategy list: this section is what will help your content, social media marketing, Pinterest marketing, and email marketing strategies align.

No more random social media posts that have nothing to do with your business or your blog.

In the blog post strategy section, you’ll find a space to jot down your SEO research and keywords for this blog post, your post outline, social media ideas for this post, Pinterest pin ideas (headlines, text overlays, pin descriptions), and your email newsletter. Now your business vision will have clarity!

- I’ve also included example sections with suggestions on how to use the lists

- Blog post brainstorm: dump all of your blog post ideas into this section and organize them later in the next section

- In the next 3 sections, you can organize your blog post ideas into categories like "Blog Post Ideas To Promote Your Products", "Blog Post Ideas To Attract Target Audience/Customer" and "Blog Post Ideas To Promote Affiliate Products". I even created cute color-code dividers to organize each list even more! 

- And the best part is, this is a TEMPLATE that you get to CUSTOMIZE anyway you want! Don't like or need a certain section? Just delete it! Want to have multiple copies of a certain section? Just duplicate it with the click of a button! You are in control with this blog and business content planner!

This blog content planner has changed the game for me because now I can plan and organize my blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters all in one place!

This is a digital item only. No physical item will be shipped. That means you can start using your planner right away! After your payment clears, you will be given a PDF document in your Etsy account with a link to your planner/Trello board and instructions on how to edit your board.

Thanks for reading!
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